Shuksan VANS

Lummi word Shuksan [šéqsən] meaning "High Peak" 

Inspired by the beauty of Mount Shuksan, Shuksan Vans is the designer, manufacturer, and installer of upfitting accessories for your Mercedes Sprinter van to make your road trip more enjoyable. We were born from the need for intelligently designed upfitting products that are made in the USA.  We're motivated by the ultimate road trip experience. No matter where your road trip takes you, your products from Shuksan Vans will help you feel at home, on the road.  Read more about our road-tripping roots and why we continue our quest for innovation. 

Paperless Headquarters

We go to great lengths to keep our HQ running paperless. We design our business around our values, which means you won't see any TPS reports or meeting agendas lying around our office.

​National Park Priority

​​We find unsurpassed value in outdoor recreation.  Because of our values, we donate a percentage of every sale to our National Parks system.  It's our way of saying thanks to you as a supporter and helping to preserve the places we all love!

​Walking the Walk

You know where you'll find us on any given weekend? That's right, we're road tripping to soccer games, a state park, or a spontaneous adventure in our Sprinter. We know what works and we want to share it with you.

join the adventure @shuksanvans